Blue season in Africa

We are proud to announce that the first semester of lectures held in Africa has been completed. The purpose for this English program is to develop the next-generation of African pastoral leaders through healthy training and guidance. In a geographical area where the religion of Christianity is not prominent, we have successfully educated 32 African students. Although there were some obstacles of language barriers and academic preparation, it was a very rewarding experience for both the students and professors.
This new program could not have been possible without the support from our beloved sponsors. The students express their deepest gratitude for the grace given to them, and they are expressing it towards their professors who have been with them from the beginning of the program.
With the first semester completed, our students have a sense of pride and grown in confidence in their educational capabilities for the second semester. Although these students are scattered throughout various countries, they have come to a realization that with the shared passion to expand the kingdom of God, struggles with education will not hinder their growth due to the assistance of technology and online learning.
A new year has begun, yet challenges await. Each student has made a new resolution to continue their education and development into faithful leaders of Christ, but they are in need of continued support from sponsors like you to make this possible. We humbly ask for additional support from our subscribers.
I sincerely hope that 2023 will be a year of expanded development for our students to study to their heart’s content, to overcome challenges that may come their way, and to grow each day. I hope that God’s prosperity and enriching grace will be with you, the sponsors, to support our African students.

President Sung Jin Lim
World Mission University